St Marys Ontario

Century Houses

Church St   Jones St     King St   Ontario St   Peel St   Queen St East Queen St West Robinson St Thomas St   Water St   Wellington St Widder St

James Eaton House
100 Church St South
built 1863

236 Jones St East
built 1880

David Smith House
31 King St South
built 1857

C.S. Jones House
89 Ontario St South
built c1870

James Carter House
67 Peel St South
built 1883

John Sanderson
252 Queen St East
built 1850, 1869

Elizabeth James
347 Queen St East
built 1854

Thomas Ingersoll
105 Queen St West
built 1843, 1914

James McKay
144 Queen St West
built 1865

John Henry Clark
108 Robinson St
built c1870

Robert Barbour
210 Thomas St
built 1884

Steven Myers Cottage
75 Water St North
built c1850, 1870

James Witson
136 Water South
built 1860

John Hugh Mathieson
109 Wellington St North
built 1873

James Craig
196 Widder St East
built 1873

St Marys has a number of stores, municipal buildings and bridges that have been designated as
Ontario Heritage Properties.
St Marys also has 5
churches built more than 100 years ago.
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