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Thomas Street

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181 Thomas St
The house was built in 1863 as the home of local builders Alexander Grant and his son John.   John Grant worked on the Opera House, Victoria Bridge and was in charge of the masonry for the First Presbyterian Church in 1879-81.
Alexander Grant House, St Marys, Ontario

210 Thomas Street
Local architect and builder Robert Fulton Barbour built this house in 1884 as his home.   He lived there until he committed suicide in 1898 at age 76. It was the third house on Thomas Street he built and lived in.

Barbour built C S Jones House, Matthison House and Joseph Stafford House.   He was on the committee that in 1881 built the Presbyterian church.

216 Thomas Street
The second house Robert Barbour built for himself was constructed in about 1865.
3rd Robert Barbour House

243 Thomas Street
The house was built in about 1870 by mason Robert Falconer.

Robert Falconer House

2nd Robert Barbour House

257 Thomas Street
The house of architect Joseph A Humphries was built about 1880.   Humphries was the architect of the Carnegie Library, First Baptist Church and additions to Westover Park across the street.

300 Thomas Street
Known as Westover Park the house was built in between 1864 and 1867.   When William Veal Hutton (died 1906) sold the mill he retired with two brothers and parents to this new house.   It was built by his brother Joseph Osman Hutton with Robert Barbour probably being the architect and contractor.   The house was built on 19 acres with 7 acres actively cultivated.

The house was a Roman Catholic seminary in the 1940's and is now run as the Westover Inn.

Thomas Street, St Marys, Ontario