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Queen Street West

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105 Queen Street West
This is the town's oldest house built in 1843 for St Marys founder Thomas Ingersoll.   It was built from stone quarried from the river bed.

It was redesigned in 1914 and converted from a 1 1/2 storey building into a 2 1/2 storey house.   A veranda was added and the basement excavated.

Queen West, St Marys, Ontario

144 Queen Street West
The house was built of limestone in 1865 for James McKay, one of the first inhabitants of St Marys.   The portico was added in the 1880s.

McKay built one of the hamlet's two log stores in 1843.

Queen West, St Marys, Ontario

165 Queen Street West
The house was built in 1881 for James Thompson, a grain dealer.

Thompson sold the house in 1888 and moved away from St Marys.

165 Queen Street West, St Marys, Ontario